Underdog Is A Strong Brand Attribute

ROYALS ARE CHAMPSI’m hearing from people who are not even big baseball fans about the KC Royals winning the ’15 World Series.  Small market team / no big-name superstars / 30 years since last title. Underdog is a strong attribute to any brand.

Avis tries harder!  The underdog of the car rental biz.

When i programmed KLCA in Reno, our station was the ultimate underdog. Once we started winning we faced an intereseting challenge:  not letting our audience know we were winning. Which lead to a bigger challenge:  we branded underdog so well that advertisers were not believing pitches from our sales team.

I argued with ownership for days, but finally caved into some on-air bragging.  But we still had fun with it:

Attention citizens of Nevada and California.  It has come to our attention that Alice at 96.5 is the most listened to radio station in the Reno-Sparks-Tahoe market.  Wow.  Somebody surely forgot to carry a 1 or something …

It was all self-depricating bragging – keeping us in the underdog light, even when #1.  Everyone loved it except the ratings service.  They called ownership upset that we were questioning their math.

Of course they never heard the actual bit … just read a report from a snitching competitor.