You Are Such A Tease

Great radio is about the tease.

Keep ’em listening one extra quarter hour a day, and you’re an all-star.   This is why we teach the art of the tease to all young radio talent right out of the box.

When I was a young DJ at WABK in Augusta Maine, I would tease like “a full weekend forecast is up in less than 10 minutes.”  When I got better, I might say “a full weekend forecast that is going to make your travel plans tough is on it’s way in 10 minutes.”  By the time I had been doing it for 20 years, I might say, “Stop all weekend preparation right now!  I’ve got a new forecast that is going to shake everything up, and that is just 10 short minutes away.”

Back in the 80’s and 90’s – that was teasing.  What would happen today even after I read my best tease?  Everyone would jump on their phones and click the weather app.

In the era of instant information, we cannot tease something the listener already has at their fingertips.  This is not an easy concept for radio people who’ve been doing it a while to grasp.  We were brought-up on weather, weather, weather … then more weather.

You can still talk about the weather effecting people’s lives – but teasing a forecast is irrelevant.  Most of the time I hear talent just needing throwaway content and they use the weather as that.  Some will even source a research project that says weather is the most important thing on the radio station.

Yes it is … when it is happening and you are stuck in the middle of it.

  • Would we tease the score of a HUGE game?
  • Would we tease all the Oscar Winners next?
  • Would we tease that a hostage situation is underway in an airport and we’ll have details in 10 minutes?

Not at all, unless you want to send people to their phones.

What can we tease?  OUR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

  • I sat down with Kelsea Ballerini before the show and she told me about the one thing she takes on tour with her to make it feel like home.  I’ll have that in 10 minutes on ______.
  • We polled 1000 (station) listeners to find out who you think will win the Grammy for best album of the year.  The results of our local poll in 10 minutes on ______________.
  • I just got off the phone with (name) from (place) who is about to announce a major expansion.  I’ll tell you in 10 minutes how it will effect your ride home.

If it’s not easily found on the internet – it can be yours.  Make it tease worthy!  Think Casey Kasem or Bob Kingsley on their countdown shows.  Watch TMZ or Extra.  They are masters at teasing their OWN content.

Teasing will be easy, if you are a well prepped air-talent.


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