Storm Troopers and Death Stars

Enjoyed the new Star Wars – Couple of thoughts:
(1) 7 episodes in … and those storm trooper outfits don’t deflect gunfire, don’t protect from poison gas, and have got to slow one down in the hot desert or knee-deep snow … and planets of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away seem to be abundant in both. Time for a new-look dark-side?
(2) Note to manufacturer of death star like things: On future models, please omit the small opening – that only an amateur shooter can hit – that will take down the whole dang gadget. After rigorous testing in the field for decades, a fatal flaw has been documented in several of your evil things and noted on social media – garnering your product with a measly two-star rating. A recall – at least – is in order. Those death star looking things are like Windows on your PC – every update looks bigger, but crashes harder from some minor intrusion by an amateur.

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